Thermoplastic tubes

Due to the manufacturing process of thermoplastic materials, extruded tubes made from Moldflon™ offer significant advantages over PTFE-tubes. 

Essential Advantages:

  • Customized shape
  • Large scale production
  • Short turnaround times
  • More economical
  • Low supervision costs
  • High process reliability/stability
  • Continuous production

Depending on the applications and requirements, the following tube materials are available:

 Moldflon™-PTFE, -PFA, -FEP, -ETFE, -PCTFE, -PVDF, -ECTFE, -PEEK or -PEI

Please contact us to discuss your application or required dimensions.  Alternatively you can use our use our standard enquiry form.

A view into our tube production:

extruder for thermoplastic tubes


Product examples of bespoke solutions made from Moldflon™ materials

helical tubes from PTFE, PFA and PVDF
Corrugated tubes from Moldflon

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