Porous PTFE for Optical Applications and Media Separation

By using a special production process, it is possible to produce porous PTFE that does not affect the excellent properties of PTFE, such as:

  • Temperature-resistant from -200°C to +260°C
  • Chemically resistant
  • Antiadhesive
  • Electrically and thermally insulating
  • Compoundable

One of the primary characteristics of this material is its high mechanical strength, which allows “self-supporting” three-dimensional technical solutions.

Additional Applications

Integrating spheres

Integrating spheres for measuring diffuse reflection and scattered transmittance for characterization of light sources (e.g., light bulbs or LEDs) or to measure the power of lasers, laser diodes, and LEDs.

Lambertian reflectors and diffusors

Lambertian reflectors and diffusors. These are used, for example, as reflectance standards, a base material for integrating spheres, projection screens, or detection sensors, and optical attenuators.