PTFE-based High-Performance Plastic for Demanding Applications

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)  is the name of a straight-chain, linear, semicrystalline polymer consisting of fluorine and carbon. PTFE, modified PTFE, and the compounds produced from it have an array of impressive properties that provide the ideal solution to certain technical problems.

Using PTFE components is particularly beneficial in critical and demanding applications. For example, it allows significantly longer service lives in comparison with other plastics. This guarantees reliable operation in the long term, offering clear advantages in terms of quality and competitiveness.

Broad Spectrum of Applications

Functional components made from PTFE offer precisely the right property profile for a variety of applications. Today, they are used in mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing as well as in energy production and the food industry:

  • Sealing and sliding elements in mechanical and automotive engineering
  • Corrosion protection in the chemical industry
  • Insulating material for electronics and electrical engineering
  • Seals in vehicle fuel injection systems
  • Exhaust gas sensor components in passenger cars
  • Sealing and sliding elements in aircrafts
  • Coatings for pistons, heating elements, and rollers, etc.
  • Construction of medical apparatus
  • Hygienically safe functional components in the food industry
  • Tubes for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries
  • Large-scale seals for oil and gas extraction
  • Sealing and sliding elements in wind turbines
  • Diaphragms in valves and pumps

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