Moldflon™ Compounds

Since the introduction of MoldflonTM to the market in 2006, a number of compounds have been developed in order to meet the constantly increasing demands of customers with regard to the property profile of the materials. Adding fillers to MoldflonTM allows many properties to be adapted to the required applications.

  • Decrease the cold flow, i.e., the creep tendency is reduced and the compressive strength increased
  • Reduce wear (e.g., increase service life)
  • Achieve electrical or thermal conductivity
  • Increase mechanical strength and stiffness (e.g., of design elements subject to continuous loads)
  • Decimate thermal linear expansion and increase thermal stability
  • Reduce density for use in lightweight constructions

A particularly impressive feature of MoldflonTM compounds is their excellent filler homogeneity. Owing to the thermoplastic processability of MoldflonTM, the filler particles mix evenly into the melt and thereby form a homogeneous microstructure. Therefore, compounds based on MoldflonTM show lower wear with the same proportion of filler material than compounds based on PTFE (see long-term wear test of carbon fiber compounds). In addition, MoldflonTM PEEK compounds exhibit excellent mechanical properties. Its elongation at break, for example, is 10 times higher than that of PTFE/PEEK compounds.

Because of their poor fixing or integration into the PEEK matrix, the PTFE particles act as disruptive elements and negatively influence the mechanical properties. Hence, the stress at break is reduced with PTFE-filled PEEK, while the MoldflonTM PEEK compound can fully exploit the high stress at break of PEEK. In this manner, a high-performance material that combines the best properties of both basic polymers and eradicates unfavorable properties is made available. As a consequence, the previously existing limits to the range of applications for fluoropolymers and PEEK are expanded.

We are happy to assist you with the selection of your ideal material so that you will obtain the most functional and economical solution for your specific application area.


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