Thermoplastic Processable PTFE

MoldflonTM is an innovative thermoplastic material. Its composition is largely similar to that of conventional modified polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE ). However, unlike modified PTFE, it can be processed from the melt and thus offers crucial economic advantages that are particularly noticeable in high-volume manufacturing. For instance, MoldflonTM makes it possible to implement component geometry that was previously not achievable, or was very difficult to achieve, by means of machining.

Other options include the extrusion of continuous profiles, fibers, and sheets as well as the manufacturing of components by means of transfer molding. Another advantage is the minimization of waste, which is inevitably generated when machine processing PTFE.

MoldflonTM adds an array of concrete economic advantages to the material properties of PTFE:

  • Customized molding
  • High-volume manufacturing
  • Short cycle times
  • Sprue recycling
  • Low resource consumption
  • Low operator requirements
  • High process reliability/stability


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