High-Perfomance Solutions with Fluoropolymer Materials

With ever increasing technical and commercial targets, the oil and gas industry has never before demanded so much in terms of performance and reliability. By using a combination of material technology and innovative design, we are able to meet these challenges and offer product solutions which are ideally suited to the application.

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Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Partnership and Collaboration

As wells become deeper and processing more aggressive, working closely with our customers to understand the individual complexities of a piece of equipment is essential to ensure a successflul project outcome. With close cooperation, development lead times can be condensed and risk factors mitigated using finite element analysis (FEA) techniques and our own dedicated "in house" test facilities.

Security and Reliability

With over 50 years of experience integrating high performance sealing and engineered fluoropolymer solutions, we are ideally positioned to help customers manufacture more reliable products or operate their equipment with greater efficiency and productivity.