Economical and Resource-Conserving Solutions

In the field of energy technology, our customer-specific solutions made from high-performance plastics are the decisive factor for our customers. The specific challenges in this market are:

  • High dielectric load
  • High thermal load
  • High fire resistance
  • High mechanical load
  • High chemical load
  • Antiadhesive surface

ElringKlinger is one of the pioneers in the production of engineered parts from PTFE, making us an ideal technology partner to take you into a future of innovative solutions and new technologies.

energie einstieg

Typical Components in the Energy Industry:

  • Extinguishing nozzles made from different compounds for high-voltage switches
  • Seals
  • Sliding and guide elements
  • Protective elements
  • Custom-made PTFE honeycombs and tubes in thermally conductive compound for heat exchangers in flue gas desulfurization plant
  • Section insulators