Innovations Made from High-Performance Plastics for Compressor and Vacuum Technology

With increasingly complex production systems, compressed air production is a significant cost factor. With optimal planning and efficiency of components and systems, it is often possible to achieve double-digit cost savings. Compressed air will therefore remain and become an increasingly valuable commodity.

As a leader in technology and systems partner for the compressor and vacuum industry worldwide, ElringKlinger 'Engineered Plastics develops customized, innovative engineering solutions from high-performance plastics, such as PTFE, PTFE compounds, and PEEK, as well as the thermoplastic material MoldflonTM, which enables new, economical processing methods and represents a technological breakthrough in the field of complex sealing systems.

Our sealing and guide elements have ensured greater efficiency and safety for over 50 years, and are now used in millions of compressors and pumps across the world. They work reliably even under the toughest conditions in numerous applications, showing an impressive ability to withstand high temperatures, pressures, friction, and aggressive media. We use our experience and know-how, in conjunction with our test benches, to solve your application problems and speed up the product development process considerably.