Full-PTFE Systems Solutions

For the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries. All-plastic PTFE installations in high-capacity reactors, particularly feeder pipes for liquid chemicals and gases, have not been possible up to now. Therefore, enameled or PTFE-covered hoses or, in special cases, stainless steels or even solid silver constructions have been used. The use of modified PTFE in combination with a special welding technology now enables these heavy-duty components to be made entirely of plastic. They can even be fitted in high-capacity reactors with volumes above 20,000 L.

Advantages of a Full-PTFE Systems Solution:

  • Almost limitless freedom of design for optimal reaction conditions
  • Higher reaction yields
  • Smaller quantities of byproducts
  • Reduced costs for product treatment
  • Long service life
  • High level of plant availability
  • Contamination protection for both chemical products and environment